Reaction Series Mesh Heads - Black and White
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Pintech Reaction Series Mesh Heads

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Pintech’s “Reaction Series” mesh heads are some of the quietest, better rebounding mesh heads on the market.  They feature a super strength reinforced metal edge with a rubberized material to help them from stretching and/or tearing.
These single ply heads have been engineered and perfected to feel as close to natural as possible.  Constructed out of some of the best mesh material available, these mesh heads have also proven to be very durable.  Perfectly suitable as replacement heads for your electronic kit, or for acoustic drummers who want to keep things quiet.  Available in black and white!
“They’re tough and well made … Performed very well on stick noise … and were also the best performers on rebound.” – Digital Drummer Magazine.
Reaction Series Mesh Features:
  • NEW! Available in WHITE and BLACK!
  • Best rebounding mesh head according to Digital Drummer Magazine.
  • Super quiet – perfect for converting an acoustic kit.
  • Reinforced metal edge with rubberized compound to help keep the heads from stretching and/or tearing.
  • Single ply for a more natural feel and quieter operation.
  • Available in every size between 8″ and 26″
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Additional Information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 in

White, Black


8 INCH, 10 INCH, 12 INCH, 13 INCH, 14 INCH, 16 INCH, 18 INCH (FLOOR TOM), 18 INCH (BASS DRUM), 20 INCH, 22 INCH, 24 INCH, 26 INCH, 4 PACK, 5 PACK

3 reviews for Pintech Reaction Series Mesh Heads

  1. takeya
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I Bought One Pintech Reaction Mesh Head, and As soonest I place it on my Converted Acoustic Snare with Pintech Kit, the first thing I notice was that the feeling that this head provides was an outstanding feel, as the feel of the drum head feels better than Yamaha’s mesh head & better than Roland’s Heads as I own 3 Roland Mesh Heads and they do not compared to the feel that Pintech Reaction Mesh Head provides which is a better feel just as if I was Playing an Acoustic Head with The Pintech Reaction Mesh Head.

  2. Edwin
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    In March ’14 I purchased Reaction Mesh Heads for my 5 pc acoustic conversion. They have exceeded my expectations. The feel is fantastic, and they are very quiet. My only other experience with mesh are the Roland 3 ply. The Reaction heads have a more natural, acoustic feel.

  3. Edwin
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Just felt I had to post an update to my previous review regarding their durability.
    The Reaction Mesh Heads I installed in March 2014 are literally still just like new. I play approximately 2 hours every single day, so they’ve gotten lots of use. These have been such a great investment and are a pleasure to play on.

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